Name: Vešligaj Damiš, Jasna
Title: Project manager


Position in project

Project manager

Surname, First name

Vešligaj Damiš, Jasna


Center Naprej




++  / 386 59 123 001





WORK EXPERIENCE (please include all relevant positions):


10 years of work experience as Director of Center Naprej, Organization for long-term rehabilitation of people with acquired brain injury.

3 years of work experience as Head of the Working Unit at Day-care and occupational centre Sožitje Maribor.

6 years of work experience as Psychologist at Day-care and Occupational Centre Polž Maribor.

1 year of work experience as Head of the Professional Team at OZARA Maribor.

1 year of work experience as Professional counsellor for preschool education at Municipality Maribor.

3 years of work experience as Military psychologist at Ministry for defense.

1 year of work experience as Psychologist at Community Health Care dr. Adolf Drolc Maribor.


Expert in management and co-ordination of EU projects, national projects, realization of good practices, networking with schools, companies and institutions, dissemination and valorizing of the project products and outcomes. She develops and implements family trainings, workshops, seminars, occupational activities with children and young persons with disabilities. Leader of several rehabilitation sport summer and winter events for people with ABI. She prepares psychological preparation of professional athletes for international and world competitions in athletics - Athletics Club Slovenska Bistrica, Jitai Maribor. She develops common training programmes for long-term ABI caregivers.


Other (last 5 years):

  • Wide experience in providing sport and performance psychology consultations to athletes of all levels and their coaches.
  • Provided psychological support and trainings to disabled athletes to improve physical performance.
  • Member of the Assembly of Social Chamber of Slovenia
  • Member of the Executive Committee SOUS - Community of organizations for training of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Contribution in a book - in the chapter about psychotherapeutic approaches "Psihodrama" - Psihoterapija (“Psychodrama” / Psychotherapy) / edited by Maša Žvelc, Miran Možina, Janko Bohak, Ljubljana 2011.
  • Co-author "Guidelines for working with people with acquired brain injury" (project ABI).
  • Magic touch – international conference on Animal assisted therapy for persons with disabilities: co-author of contribution “Ustvarjanje vezi med človekom in živaljo” (“Establishing ties between the human and the animal”), Member of the Scientific Committee of the conference Magic touch.
  • 2nd 2013: co-author of the contribution “How to offer something more to persons with acquired brain injury in terms of long-term rehabilitation service - an example of good practice: introducing therapeutic approaches with animals”.
  • 3rd 2015 – co-author of the contribution “Involvement of persons with severe TBI in socially responsible actions in Centre Naprej and Sports as a medium in the rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury”.
  • The 11th  World Congress on Brain Injury, Hague, 2016 – co-author of “Involvement of persons with TBI in brain trauma prevention programs - examples of good practice in Centre Naprej” and “New form of physical therapy, progressive rehabilitation of neuromotor dysfunction”.
  • 4th International scientific conference “All about people: society and science for integrated care of people” Maribor, 2016 – co-author of the contribution “Pomen programov športne rehabilitacije in športnih aktivnosti pri dvigu kvalitete življenja oseb s pridobljeno možgansko poškodbo” (“Importance of sports rehabilitation programs and sports activities for improving the quality of life of people with acquired brain injury”), etc.
  • 7th International Congress of Psychology, Kranjska Gora, 2017- author of contribution “The role of psychologist and psychological treatment in long-term rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury”


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (please detail all relevant studies):


2003: Ministry of Public Administration ­ Professional examination in the field of Public administration

2000: Ministry for work, family and social affairs ­ Professional examination in the field of Social welfare 2000

1995: Ministry for Health ­ Professional examination in the field of Health services

1991: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department for Psychology ­ Bachelor in Psychology, pre-Bologna university programme.


She is MATP trainer – direction of Special Olympics training and training of persons with severe mental and physical disabilities, Psychotherapist of psychodrama, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP trainer and Psychological diagnostician.