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Name: Petrova Filipic, Yoana
Title: Psychologist


WORK EXPERIENCE (please include all relevant positions):


2 months of work experience as Psychologist at Center Naprej,  Organization for long-term rehabilitation of people with acquired brain injury

4 months of work experience as Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioner at Center Vitis – Vocational Rehabilitation and Social Inclusion

5 months of work experience as Mental Health Support Worker at Cygnet Health Care

8 months of experience as Honorary Assistant Psychologist at Cygnet Health Care


She provided support and guidance to users with brain injury, developmental disorders and chronic diseases in the process of job search and vocational rehabilitation. She has facilitated, assisted and provided support in the process of crisis intervention and management of violence and aggression at Acute Female Ward for Detained Patients as DBT Skills Coach. She assisted in group therapy programme sessions development and facilitation (e.g. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis and Dialectical Behavioural therapy).



  • 3rd Student Congress of Neuroscience, Rijeka, Rab: co-author of contribution: “Enhancing Fluid Intelligence through Neurofeedback Training.”


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (please detail all relevant studies):


2016: Ministry for Health – Professional examination in the field of Health Services.

2015: University Of Maribor – Master of Arts, Psychology