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Project Opening Ceremony


The opening ceremony of The European Sports Network for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities "RESPORT" Project took place on Wednesday, 3rd March 2017 at Draš Center. Slovenia participates in the project in addition to seven partner countries. The project is funded by the European Union - Erasmus +. We greeted partners from Turkey, Hungary, Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia and Great Britain on a sunny day under Pohorje Hills. After the reception we presented to the partners and to any other interested parties some sports programs in which persons with disabilities can participate. Practical workshops were followed by the kick-off event of the project. The keynote speaker Dr. Milan Brglez, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia spoke about the importance of the brain. Mr. Tomaz Barada, Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and dr. Andrej Fištravec, Mayor of Municipality Maribor spoke about the importance of sport in the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the importance of such a project for the whole local community. The users of The Center Naprej made the event even more memorable with their music, dance and play. Highlights of the event can be viewed in the photo gallery.